Goodyear Wrangler vs Bridgestone Dueler

A good tire will promote a good driving experience and depend on where you are running your vehicle at, we may need a different tire for our every vehicles as well. For people who live or often drive on an off-road terrain, it is good to pick an all-terrain tire like Goodyear Wrangler vs Bridgestone Dueler. Both of them are famous for their capabilities and equally dependable but, go check our article below first to see which one of them meeting your preference the most.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why choosing an All-Terrain
– What are Goodyear Wrangler and Bridgestone Dueler
– How are the Tread Pattern on Goodyear Wrangler and Bridgestone Dueler
– How Goodyear Wrangler and Bridgestone Dueler can Perform
– Goodyear Wrangler vs Bridgestone Dueler

All-Terrain Tire

It is probably the time for you to change your tire again and just like in the past, this process will take some time and effort to select the kind of tire you want to install this time. Many people skip the stress by going with any original equipment from what the vehicle’s first come since this can work for most of us and we don’t have to consider about how they will perform later since we already know yet, some of us may want to up their game a little.

While OEM usually are pretty decent in the vehicle’s natural habitat, depend on your need, we may need to upgrade them into other model to get that level of performance matching the kind of surface we are rolling them on. While those who live in the urban area may go well with a performance all-season, we who are driving through various conditions both on and off the road may need something more called an all-terrain. This tire is great for anyone who run on both conditions and very versatile.

We are sure most people who drive off-road whether it is just because of the condition of their living place or for spending some leisure time, already used an all-terrain before. Just like what you have already know, this type of tire is good since they are made to be similar to those mud tire with a rather aggressive tread pattern and compound to make sure we can get all the proper traction and grip on an unruly surfaces yet still comfortable on smooth pavement.

With a good all-terrain, we can drive our vehicle confidently through various conditions, no matter if your road is muddy, with some rocks or uneven. As a city tire, they are also mainly can work well for a vehicles like SUV and are designed to be comfortable with less to complain. Of course the level of convenient each product may vary which is why we need to look for some information before deciding on purchasing the item.

About Goodyear Wrangler

If you are already browsing the internet to find the perfect all-terrain tire for your vehicle, chances are you may also found many people recommending Goodyear Wrangler since this is one of the most popular tire for the category. The Wrangler itself is actually a line of tires made from several other models inside to match every user’s need and have some better capabilities based on the models but most of them are an all-terrain with few all-season tires for people who mainly drive on city roads.

Among those collections, we are picking the famous Duratrac which is an all-terrain with a good performance and dependability for anyone who seek a tire for both smooth and rough surface. This tire is clearly made for light truck vehicles like pickups, vans, and any commercial vehicles with sport utility. With a set of Goodyear Wrangler, we can drive on various conditions even off-road and tackling dirt, gravel or mud combined with any season with no worries.

Goodyear Wrangler Tread Pattern

Goodyear Wrangler as seen on the sample picture above is featured with a rugged tread compound that will help the tire to be able to prevent tread block chipping, chunking, and tearing. It has a symmetric tread design that combines large shoulders and a highly centered tread blocks which meant to enhance the stability as well as the traction when we are driving on both dry and wet conditions.

To make sure we can get the proper traction, especially in wet pavement, there are steeped shoulder blocks, zigzag sipes called a Goodyear’s TractiveGroove Technology located at the base of the circumferential grooves to give the tire more biting edges and improve the traction on surfaces with mud and snow. Read also: Goodyear Wrangler vs Pirelli Scorpion here.

Goodyear Wrangler Performance

While the description looks very promising, a good tire is the one that will deliver you the kind of performance you want and if you already see or read and watch other people’s reviews on Goodyear Wrangler, especially the Duratrac tire, we are going to say the same thing. This is because the tire is amazing on various surfaces off road such as those muds, water and even some rock climbing which we usually hope coming from a mud terrain.

Thanks to the siping and sidewall, uneven terrain is not a problem when you are rolling with the set since they can provide grip and traction dependably. The tire do get chipped when you runs on rocks a lot, but it will need an amount of distance before you will notice them. The TractiveGroove mentioned above also does its jobs well by providing a great traction mostly on deep mud and snow.

When taken to smooth road, Goodyear Wrangler is also proven to be amazing with a very quiet noise, many people can’t even hear the road sound covered by their engine but, they do produce some noise off-road. On the comfort, being a mix of an all-terrain and mud tire doesn’t made the tire uncomfortable since we can drive pleasantly with the set even on highway.

About Bridgestone Dueler

Due to the huge option available, we may want to check other products to make sure our choice is already correct since we never know which one of them will be the better option before really actually using them for a period of time. If you are looking for a dependable tire for your adventure off-road but still versatile enough to be a city road when you drive to and from your workplace or to pick up your children from school, Bridgestone Dueler may have the tire for you.

Similar like Wrangler, Bridgestone Dueler  is actually a line of tires made with several models inside that consist of all-season and all-terrain tire but since we are talking about the one to have the performance on the wild, we are going to pick the popular Dueler A/T Revo 3. This tire is claimed to be the brand’s best all-terrain tire with an impressive capability in handling, wet traction as well as smooth and quiet.

Bridgestone Dueler Tread Pattern

As you may already expect, this tire is the upgrade of the former Revo 2 which many users think to lack of off-roading capability and to fix the problem, they released the Revo 3. What’s interesting from this model is called Traction Claw design element that will pushes off mud and dirt out of the tire tread but will allow snow to pack into it. With this special feature, the tire should have a better performance on off-roading as well as winter driving.

In addition, the tread life is increased, resulting the tire to look beefier. As you can see from the picture above, Bridgestone Dueler Revo 3 has deep initial tread depths with deep circumferential grooves and an open shoulder to make sure water won’t be a problem here.

Bridgestone Dueler Performance

When taken off-road, Bridgestone Dueler show how good it can perform by dealing with several obstacles we often found on such places. The vehicle mounted with the set are able to climb on an even steep incline where there are deep mud pits and some rock trails as well. No matter what surface we run with this tire, they seem like capable of handling all of them, making the drive confident enough to try another challenge thanks to the tread pattern.

On road driving with the set is also dependable and proven to provide an admirable performance on both dry and wet pavement, making them a great tire for your regular driving. When driven on wet pavement, the tire is noticeably better than its predecessor by giving more grip, creating a stable condition to maneuver the vehicle left and right even at a slightly higher speed.

However, there is a cost we must pay for this grip since while they do perform great, the comfort level we feel will somehow also reduced since the tire is a bit into the noisy part as an all-terrain. This may not an issue when we going off-road but in smooth pavement, some may get annoyed by the noise level.


Now, let’s compare Goodyear Wrangler with Bridgestone Dueler, especially their Duratrac to Revo 3. Both of them are proven to work amazingly good when taken off-road if this is the main concern since these tires can tackle various conditions effectively without being a mud tire while on road, they are still comfortable but, as for the noise Duratrac from Goodyear Wrangler line is quieter.

Goodyear Wrangler vs Bridgestone Dueler

Goodyear WranglerBridgestone Dueler
- Less road noise - More road noise
- More aggressive sidewall - Less aggressive sidewall
- More expensive- More affordable


All in all, the decision is all yours to make since these two are able to deliver the proper performance on both on and off the road. However, if you want the one with a lower noise level, the Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac will be the better option.