General Altimax Arctic vs Nokian

Tire manufacturers around the world know for sure that the automotive world needs tires that can be designed according to the needs of different seasons. One tire that must be specifically designed for different seasons is winter tires where winter is a very extreme season because of the heavy snow on the streets. Tough tires are very necessary because they can cross every obstacle in the winter. The drastic drop in temperature can result in being unable to drive because the temperature is very cold. Well, from that General and Nokian made tires specifically for winter. This time, we will discuss General Altimax Arctic vs. Nokian. Who among them is the most superior? Let’s find the answer here.


We know for sure that General Altimax Arctic has exceptional traction performance and durable in any adverse conditions in the winter. General itself is a German company that has supplied tires for famous car manufacturers. Tires specifically designed for winter offer performance that is undoubtedly on the road. Designed for coupe, sedan, minivan and crossover type vehicles, as well as pickup trucks; General grouping these tires into “family” winter tires is not only Altimax Arctic there are two types of tires that have functions and purposes similar to Altimax. They are Grabber Arctic and Grabber Arctic LT.

Designed in such a way by using technological innovations that can “hit” winter malignancy. Innovative compound and tread patterns for superior traction in low temperatures in wet, snow and / or ice conditions. The features applied to the Altimax Arctic have been well designed and researched to produce innovative technology that can make tires cross a wet road due to extreme cold weather.

AltiMAX Arctic Radials applies the General Tire’s All-Weather Dual Tread compound to improve tire capability in cold and wet traction. The compounds used by AltiMAX are formed not only can cross wet traction but also dry roads with water evacuation technology and hydropanning resistance on wet and muddy roads. Tread designed with Center Stability Rib and pattern directions to combine the straight-line stability. See also: General AltiMAX Arctic vs Michelin X-Ice Xi3.

Radial technology used by AltiMAX Arctic with 270 degrees rotation and high density on the tire surface increases snow traction when accelerating, cornering, or braking. Reactive Contour Technology that is applied in tire features makes the internal structure of the tire including twin steel belts above the polyester sheath make it react to different road conditions and maintain better contact with the road surface.

Alternating rows of optional metal studs can be added in the shoulder and intermediate tread blocks to increase traction on hard packed snow and icy roads.

How about Nokian? This Finnish tire company also does not want to be outdone by its competitors. Nokian also creates tires not only for winter (it must be very cold in Finland) but also makes tires that are suitable for seasons like summer. The production of winter tires created by Nokian is very varied and has different functions and the very famous one is Nokian Hakkapeliita 8.

What is Nokian Hakkapeliita 8 like? Let’s find out. Maybe Nokian isn’t too famous in the world of tire manufacturers. But this did not discourage Nokian from making quality tires for the winter. It was proven that Nokian Hakkapeliita 8 got the best score in tests in world-renowned automotive magazines.

Every winter tires definitely made with similar technology so that the tire can be controlled when the worst conditions in the winter. But Nokian Hakkapeliitta 8 is designed to be environmentally friendly so that using the technology concept applied by Nokian is Eco Stud 8; the concept created by Nokian is capable of offering security and a controlled need in extreme situations.

Eco Stud 8 itself is a regeneration of the Eco Stud 7 which has long been released and is applied to the Nokian tire production features. This concept can make the tires very soft on the driving surface, even though the nature of the winter grip is better than before. When stud attenuation is carried out, tires have a road wear effect that is much smaller than what is required by current Nordic stud laws, the stud lasts longer, and rolling noise from tires is lower.

Designed in a fixed or directional direction the tire is also symmetrical is the optimal choice for winter tires, because it supports distance between studs to optimize grip and reduce noise while driving.

Nokian is very concerned about the comfort and safety of motorists when driving in winter where roads can be very slippery and thick snow that is difficult to cross. This was proven by Nokian by making brake technology found on the tire surface consisting of tread beams. Innovations developed by Nokian can increase the braking grip on snowy roads. It is undeniable that Nokian is maintaining the quality of its tire manufacturers by making technological innovations that can help motorists through driving obstacles in the winter.

The eco-friendly theme carried out by Nokian can save fuel for vehicles besides that Nokian also only uses purified oil in the absence of any chemicals.

Sizes and Price

Regarding the sizes available these two tires have differences in size choices. General AltiMAX Arctic only has a size with diameter rim 14” to 17 ”. While the Nokian Hakkapeliita 8 has more choices of sizes from 14” to 19” diameter rim. Ask your local dealer and consult with them to get maximum results about the tire you will choose. Regarding the prices offered by the two companies, of course different. But it is unfortunate that General does not provide sales online so the official website does not mention the official price offered.

The General has granted distributor authorized rights to each local dealer in each city that has obtained official authority from the General. It’s the same as General, which cannot be purchased online at the official website of Nokian. Nokian also does not guarantee the authenticity of online retailers in online retailers. Nokian can only be purchased at the nearest local dealer in your city.

The official website also shows that there is no official price issued by Nokian so there is no certainty about the price offered. If you want to find out if your country is included in the official Nokian distributor list, please visit the official Nokian website.

Warranty Information

Regarding the two tires’ warranty policies, they have different terms and conditions. General AltiMAX Arctic provides 45 days of service for trial tires which will be replaced with new ones if the tire is experiencing problems provided there is a serial number that reads General and D.O.T.

Replacement for tires that have been purchased is not because the trial product will be replaced for 72 months or 6 years from the date of purchase of tire change can be replaced free of charge with a purchase period of 12 months or one year from the date of purchase if the one year limit is exceeded Altimax Arctic will notify you about the requirements for changing tires. Coverage with a warranty of up to 75,000 miles, but each country is different. For more detailed information about warranty information can be found on the official website.

The excellent technology applied by Nokian is inversely proportional to the warranty. There is no statement of guarantee on the official website of Nokian. So it can be said that Nokian does not provide any guarantee if the tires that have been purchased experience damage from either manufacturer error or unavoidable accident. We recommend that if you want to choose Nokian as a winter tire, consult first with the local dealer in your city to get information about the warranty.

General Altimax Arctic vs Nokian

General AltiMAX ArcticNokian
- Durable traction performance despite the thick snowy road. - Applying the "Eco-Friendly" so comfortable in driving.
- Available sizes are few. - More sizes available.
- Warranty available - Not available warranty.


In terms of technology Nokin is very superior compared to General. But in the performance of traction on the snowy road General is superior and General also provides a guarantee while Nokian does not.

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