Goodyear Wrangler vs Michelin LTX

Crossing all terrain is something that is desired for every vehicle especially vehicles that often cross terrain that is difficult to reach such as snowy, rocky, muddy and hilly. Both tires are the best solution for those of you who want to try to cross the entire steep terrain. They are Wrangler AT and LTX A / T2 which are manufactured by highly reputed tire companies, Goodyear and Michelin. Before discussing more specifically about these two tires, it is better for us to get to know the companies that produce these two tires in advance. Let’s find out more.


Goodyear is the largest tire manufacturer in the world with more than 64,000 employees from various worlds and has local stores in every country around the world with 64 countries on every continent. It was discovered by an American named Frank A. Seiberling in 1898 on the banks of the Little Cuyahoga River in East Akron, Ohio, United States. The company was named in honor of Charles Goodyear, who discovered the rubber vulcanization process in 1839. The company produced horse palm pads, bicycles and tire tires, selling clamps for cans, fire hoses and even poker rubber almonds.

Michelin (full name: Compagnie Générale des Établissements Michelin) is a France-based tire manufacturer founded by two brothers Édouard Michelin and André Jules Michelin in 1889. Headquartered in Clermont-Ferrand, France, Michelin area served in 170 countries, and has 114,100 employees. Other than that, reported by the official website that Michelin has own production facilities in every country which together produced 187 million tires in 2017.

Design and Feature

The types of tires for all terrain have been provided by Goodyear as the company that manufactures them. One type of tire for all terrain is the Wrangler type. Wrangler has several types with features built on leading technological innovations. One type of tire for the whole field is the Wrangler® AT which allows riders to get through all obstacles on the entire surface.

The company does not mention the detail superiority of the Wrangler® AT because it could be that the Wrangler® AT is designed in a simple way with a little extra technological innovation, because Goodyear has indeed made a number of productions for the entire terrain tire type and called the innovation used. But we are not talking about the “brother” of the Wrangler® AT. However, although not mentioned in detail about the innovations used, the Wrangler® AT feels very sturdy, strong, and durable. Designed with economical tread, the Wrangler® AT is perfect for pickup truck type vehicles.

Designed for all Wrangler® AT terrain can conquer all snowy, muddy and gravel roads. On the tread surface, the Wrangler® AT is designed with large tread blocks that can provide increased traction in all road conditions, handling confident and stable footprints in all terrain and weather conditions. The tread element looks like a puzzle piece arranged with sloping lines so as to produce a biting edge in driving.

Designed for the entire field making Michelin design a special tire for pickup vehicles, SUVs and other private vehicles that cross heavy terrain besides that it also fits on the highway. The LTX A / T2 is designed in such a way as to provide flat wear, low noise and good fuel efficiency because Michelin uses Comfort Control technology that is computer designed and optimized in precision manufacturing to offer reduced vibration and road noise. The use of this technology can also provide year long traction and expected durability from off-road tires that are sturdy without ignoring road comfort and handling.

The LTX A / T2 is equipped with a sophisticated lightweight truck tread compound that is formed into a standalone tread block tread design featuring Michelin Edge Bits (notched beams in tread patterns) that increase traction on dirt, mud, gravel, wet grass and snow. Michelin always strives to make innovations that can be used for each tire so that their tires are at the forefront of their competitors. The use of Advanced MaxTouch Construction technology produces a unique tire tread that enables long-lasting treadwear and the internal structure of the tire including two or three steel belts depending on the tire load range and manufacturer’s location to improve tread resistance and puncture resistance. See also: Goodyear Wrangler vs BFGoodrich All Terrain.

Size Available

Made only suitable for pickup trucks, the Goodyear Wrangler® AT is only available in one size, which is LT195 / 75R14. It is suitable for rim widths between 5.0 inches – 6.5 inches. But as previously explained; the Goodyear All Terrain provides many choices in this type of tire. The similar product is the Goodyear Wrangler Radial, which is available in 235 / 75R15. Suitable rim widths are between 6.0 inches – 8.0 inches. Size limitations may make consumers think not to choose this tire because there is no type of size that fits the vehicle. The best advice if you still want to buy these tires is to ask the local authorities who provide Goodyear tires or the easiest way by opening the official website access that is available.

Options for sizes from Michelin LTX A / T2 vary considerably with measurements ranging from 235/80 R17 120R to 285/55 R20 122R.


Prices from the Goodyear Wrangler start at $ 233.00 but with only one size option. If you still want to choose Goodyear as the tire you want to use on your vehicle, make sure you choose Goodyear: Wrangler AT / SA which has more choice of size and features which is certainly more sophisticated than the older brother. In contrast to Michelin LTX A / T2 which offers more sizes and of course more varied prices ranging from $ 203.99 to the most expensive level of $ 377.99. Prices are varied because each size has different specifics.

The Opinions from customers

If viewed from the opinions or reviews of consumers that Michelin LTX A / T2 has reviewed more of their products compared to Goodyear: Wrangler AT this is because Goodyear has many tires of the same type but each tire has different functions and toughness as needed. One product similar to the Wrangler AT is the Wrangler AT / SA. From the source who wrote a review of Goodyear: Wrangler. They like the Wrangler because good traction throughout the terrain is good in snow, wet, dry, rocky and gravel, the core of traction offered by Goodyear can indeed “conquer” the entire field.

Comfortable traction certainly makes driving comfortable and handling that can control perfectly. All of these reviews were obtained from the official website of Goodyear Wrangler with only a few people reviewing this product so that the score obtained was quite perfect with a score of 5 out of 5 stars. But? Well, we don’t know for sure whether this review is true or just a mere fiction. We don’t know for sure. How about Michelin LTX A/T2? Michelin LTX A / T2 provide good traction in all terrain roads. Good traction in wet, dry, gravel and rocky areas but traction is very bad in snowy areas.

This review was obtained from various sources which concluded that all traction from LXT A / T2 was quite good but the performance dropped dramatically when crossing snowy areas. The technology used indeed greatly reduces road noise so that it can drive comfortably.

In addition, the handling of LTX A / T2 is also quite good. But it is unfortunate that the treadwear part of the LTX A / T2 tire side is very bad. This source is stated from various sites that review Michelin LTX A / T2 and the score given is 4.2 out of 5 stars but many consumers review Michelin LTX A / T2 so that they can convince buyers who want to choose Michelin LTX A / T2.

Goodyear Wrangler vs Michelin LTX

Goodyear WranglerMichelin LTX
- Technological innovation applied to the tire very few make it equal to other competitors. - Innovations in technology that can provide "satisfaction" of the rider.
- Only one size is available but the price is quite cheap.- There are many size options, but the price is quite expensive.
- Qualified performance in all terrain. - Performance is declining in snowy areas.


Michelin LTX A/T2 has sophisticated technology that makes it the foremost of its competitors, but the technology also influences the price which is the price of Michelin LTX A/T2 is more expensive than Goodyear: Wrangler. Well, the winner of this competition is Michelin LTX A / T2 but if we compare it with Goodyear: Wrangler AT / SA might be won by Goodyear: Wrangler AT / SA. Who knows, right?