Goodyear Wrangler vs BFGoodrich All Terrain

All-terrain is where the tires used can cross the entire area both snowy, muddy, dry, wet and various types of terrain. Before we discuss about the product that will be discussed we should first know the company that manufactures these two tires (Goodyear Wrangler and BFGoodrich All Terrain).

Goodyear and BFGoodRich: Who Are They?

Goodyear is the largest tire manufacturer in the world with more than 64.000 employees from around the world and has local stores in every country around the world with 64 countries on every continent. It was founded by American Frank A. Selberling in 1898 on the banks of the Little Cuyahoga River in East Akron, Ohio, United States. From its birth year, Goodyear has made several innovations with advanced technology that have been studied at the Innovation Center in Ohio and Colmar-Berg, Luxembourg. These two companies are American companies born in the same place namely Ohio, United States. Discovered by Benjamin Goodrich in 1870. Previously the company was owned by shareholders by the American conglomerate, Goodrich Corporation and was later acquired by a French tire company, Michelin. Just as its competitors BFGoodrich has also made several technological innovations developed for tires made to make their tires the forefront.

Design and Feature

The types of tires for all terrain have been provided by Goodyear as the company that manufactures them. One type of tire for all terrain is the Wrangler type. Wrangler has several types with features built on leading technological innovations. One type of tire for the whole field is the Wrangler® AT which allows riders to get through all obstacles on the entire surface. The company does not mention the detail superiority of the Wrangler® AT because it could be that the Wrangler® AT is designed in a simple way with a little extra technological innovation, because Goodyear has indeed made a number of productions for the entire terrain tire type and called the innovation used. But we are not talking about the “brother” of the Wrangler® AT. However, although not mentioned in detail about the innovations used, the Wrangler® AT feels very sturdy, strong, and durable.

Designed with economical tread, the Wrangler® AT is perfect for pickup truck type vehicles. Designed for all Wrangler® AT terrain can conquer all snowy, muddy and gravel roads. On the tread surface, the Wrangler® AT is designed with large tread blocks that can provide increased traction in all road conditions, handling confident and stable footprints in all terrain and weather conditions. The tread element looks like a puzzle piece arranged with sloping lines so as to produce a biting edge in driving.

If we compare these two products, it can be said that BFGoodrich ALL-TERRAIN T / A® KO2 has innovations and technologies that are designed in such a way as to use advanced technology. We cannot underestimate the Wrangler® AT with a little technological innovation used because Goodyear itself produces a lot of tires for all terrain and each tire has its own function and is designed with the latest technology as well. BFGoodrich actually knew that many competitors out there in developing the leading features of the tires they produced with this BFGoodrich only simplified it into one type of tire that could be used for all terrain types.

Well, we will not talk about the company that produces these two tires. On the sidewall, BFGoodrich designed it using Coregard ™ technology which can make the conveyor belt confident on the slope like on a hilly surface and make the tire control by itself so that the driver does not need to worry about the bad accident that occurs. Apart from that, the technology used is Baja T / A®KR2 which makes tires durable with road conditions and any weather.

Besides this, the sidewall of tire is designed to divert prominent objects so that the tire can predict not to snagging and splitting the sidewall. In the traction section, BFGoodrich uses cutting-edge technological innovations so that tires can traverse the entire region without any interference. BFGoodrich made a traction innovation by making protruding sidewall rubber blocks that can increase traction in areas that are muddy, snowy and rocky especially when driving conditions on hilly roads. In crossing snowy regions BFGoodrich built a 3D Sipes technology that serves to provide more biting edges in increasing traction in snowy regions. Tread that has been designed in such a way using sophisticated technology so that the tread can last longer even though the tire has traveled for miles. See also: Goodyear Wrangler vs. Michelin LTX.


The performance of both tires is quite different in terms of the technology used by BFGoodrich ALL-TERRAIN T / A® KO2 superior because it uses technological innovations that can make tough tires on the road. The performance of both tires has advantages in traction so that it can traverse the entire region without any interference. The special thing about ALL-TERRAIN T / A® KO2 is that it uses 3-D Sipes technology that can cross very snowy roads.

On the sidewall of tire both have their own strengths. But there is no denying that ALL-TERRAIN T / A® KO2 is able to make tires durable because it can avoid sharp objects and can split the object. This is very good if used on unpaved roads and gravel roads. The performance of both tires also has a difference, especially on the ALL-TERRAIN T / A® KO2 tire tread, which is able to resist rock retention and provide extra tread cleaning protection for rock drilling. The second performance of this tire is very good at off-road because it can traverse all conquering the entire region. ALL-TERRAIN T / A® KO2 are even able to cross mountainous roads with gravel road conditions.

Warranty Policy

The warranty policy given to the two companies is different. Unfortunately, Goodyear: The Wrangler® AT does not provide any warranty. However, a warranty can be given to authorized distributors using Goodyear: Wrangler® AT tires. As previously explained, Goodyear produces a large number of all-terrain tires so that it can be said that Goodyear provides a guarantee if you choose another product. Be sure to look at Goodyear’s official website to get all-terrain tires that have a warranty and can be trusted to get quality performance.

What about BFGoodrich? Thankfully, ALL-TERRAIN T / A® KO2 provides a guarantee to its consumers, noting that the tire is indeed “defective” when working on and using inappropriate materials because this comes from the fault of technicians not the consumers who bought it. The warranty is given for six years from the date of purchase. If the distance has reached 50,000 miles and the tire performance starts to deteriorate, the warranty will be given and will be replaced with a new one. Make sure you see the terms and conditions imposed by BFGoodrich.

Size Available

Made only suitable for pickup trucks, the Goodyear Wrangler® AT is only available in one size, which is LT195 / 75R14. It is suitable for rim widths between 5.0 inches – 6.5 inches. But as previously explained; the Goodyear All Terrain provides many choices in this type of tire. The similar product is the Goodyear Wrangler Radial, which is available in 235 / 75R15. Suitable rim widths are between 6.0 inches – 8.0 inches. Size limitations may make consumers think not to choose this tire because there is no type of size that fits the vehicle. The best advice if you still want to buy these tires is to ask the local authorities who provide Goodyear tires or more easily by opening the official website access that is available.

Unlike the competitors, the Wrangler AT; ALL-TERRAIN T / A® KO2 has more choice of sizes to suit various vehicles. Available sizes range from 215/75 R15 100S to 325/65 R18 127R. You can see various sizes according to your vehicle on their official site.

Goodyear Wrangler vs BFGoodrich All Terrain

Goodyear WranglerBFGoodrich All Terrain
- Good performance in all terrain. - Outstanding performance in all terrain with the mainstay of technology that has been implemented.
- No guarantee - Provides a warranty for 6 years from the date of purchase.
- Only available one size but the price is quite friendly with the wallet. - Lots of choices and prices adjusted to the size available.


If it is concluded and states who is the “winner” of this competition then the answer is ALL-TERRAIN T / A® KO2. Actually it can be said that to “match” between these two products is not appropriate because it has a different level class. But here we only compare these two tires. So the choice is in your hands.