Goodyear Integrity vs Assurance

Having tires that can penetrate all-terrains in any season is an absolute right for every vehicle tire. The existence of tires is very important for every vehicle because tires can make the vehicle run violently on the road. So this time, we will discuss about two tire products from Goodyear. They are Integrity and Assurance. Let’s find out more about them here.

Here you will find:
• Who is Goodyear and what products are they marketing?
• Design and features applied
• Warranty
• Size Available
• Review
• Price
• Conclusion

Goodyear: Who Are They?

Goodyear is the largest tire manufacturer in the world with more than 64,000 employees from various worlds and has local stores in every country around the world with 64 countries on every continent. It was discovered by an American named Frank A. Seiberling in 1898 on the banks of the Little Cuyahoga River in East Akron, Ohio, United States. The company was named in honor of Charles Goodyear, who discovered the rubber vulcanization process in 1839. The company produced horse palm pads, bicycles and tire tires, selling clamps for cans, fire hoses and even poker rubber almonds.

From its birth year, Goodyear has made several innovations with advanced technology that have been researched at the Innovation Center in Ohio and Colmar-Berg, Luxembourg. The Goodyear logo is a trademark inspired by the Roman god Mercury at Goodyear’s founding house, Frank Seiberling. According to him Mercury describes many characters that are in accordance with Goodyear products. Goodyear has been trusted by various consumers including NASA who have flown Goodyear astronauts and tires on the moon in 1971.

Goodyear also gained the trust of the Grand Prix so that it always ranked first for its drivers who used Goodyear tires and even in 2003 Goodyear stood at the top drag race in many professional competitions and sports categories in the fight match of the International and National Hot Rod Association in the United States. Goodyear also received several awards, one of which was in 2012 Goodyear’s Air Maintenance Technology ™ was recognized by TIME magazine as the best innovation of 2012. Goodyear’s technological innovations continued to get the best results. see also: Goodyear Wrangler vs BFGoodrich All Terrain

With a lot of tire production that has been made by Goodyear both from the season type category and also the type of vehicle. In this article we will discuss two types of tires based on season. They are Integrity and Assurance.

Goodyear: Integrity and Assurance: Who are they?

Both of these tires are specifically designed for all seasons and throughout the region. Both of these tires are products that have sophisticated technology and innovation and can “hit” all road surfaces in a wet, dry and snowy place. Goodyear Integrity was released earlier than its competitor, Goodyear: Assurance. Both of these tires have their respective capacities but have the same goal of “colonizing” all seasons and surfaces.

Design and Features

Designed for the all terrains and all seasons with a charming appearance both tires have features that can make the driver like it. Designed for all seasons and there are double biting edges offering good traction throughout the season. Goodyear Integrity provides long-lasting tread features that help provide a quieter journey and longer tread life.

In addition to this, Integrity also features a high tensile steel belt that offers toughness and reliability. While its competitors, Assurance has more sophisticated features. Assurance has a “Wet Traction” feature where wide treads groove help evacuate water and mud so that the trip becomes safe without any obstacles. In addition to this, Assurance also has the “Quiet Ride” feature with an optimized tread pattern that reduces noise on the road and can drive more comfortably. In addition to the aforementioned features Assurance also has the “Refined Handling” feature with a large and stable shoulder block designed to provide safe and good handling in dry and wet areas.


Goodyear guarantees its customers to ensure that the tires that have been purchased are running well. The Goodyear official website states that those who are entitled to collateral are authorized owners or agents using Goodyear tires, tires containing tire identification numbers specified by the Department of Transportation and tires are only used on vehicles that were initially installed in accordance with the recommendations of the vehicle manufacturer or Goodyear. Both of these tires have a warranties guaranteed by Goodyear.

There are two types of warranties obtained if you have purchased Goodyear tires. First is Goodyear Highway Auto and Light Truck Tire Replacement Limited Warranty; if the use of this tire is not in accordance with the expectations and features that have been designed in such a way as noise, vibration or violence with this tire, Goodyear guarantees that it will replace it with a new tire for free or at a discounted price and second is Goodyear Limited Tread Life Warranty; if the tread life does not match the design or premature treadwear. So Goodyear will replace it with a new one. The maximum travel that has been taken (usage) on these two tires is different for Integrity the journey taken is a maximum of 50,000 mi. /80,000 km while for Assurance travel that has reached a maximum of 65,000 mi./105,000 km. For further warranty information you can check the official website of  Goodyear warranty.

Both of these tires have different tire sizes available. Integrity has tire sizes from 215 / 70R15 to 225 / 65R17 while its competitors Assurance has more choices in available sizes; Assurance has 185 / 65R14 to 235 / 55R19. Each size offered by Goodyear on these two tires has different specifics. Prices offered are based on available specifics such as speed rating, load index and sidewall. For further information you can check the official website of Goodyear.


If you look at the reviews from the official website that Assurance gets more reviews even though the All-season Assurance is a “newborn child” compared to Integrity and other competitors. But it can be said that Assurance has more new and sophisticated features. Integrity scored 4.1 out of 5 stars and reviewed more than 144 consumers.

Consumers like Integrity in terms of “traction”, handling, and also driving comfort. But not only positive aspects were received but there were also many consumers who gave bad value for Integrity, one of which was service and price. Some consumers complained that Integrity was running well and according to expectations but when they traveled thousands of miles they said that Integrity had suffered a setback and its quality performance had dropped dramatically.

Compared to Integrity, Assurance gets more reviews and gets a value of 4.2 out of 5 stars. Assurance is reflected in everything, handling, traction and driving comfort. Apart from that, many consumers also stated that Assurance tire is smooth when on the road in dry, wet, muddy and snowy areas. But like “his brother” Assurance also gets a bad score related to “lifespan” when taking a thousand miles journey, the performance of Assurance will drop dramatically.


When compared with the price, Integrity prices are cheaper starting at $ 71.00 per tire, while the “younger brother” (Assurance) is more expensive starting at $ 77.00 per tire. It can be said why Assurance is more expensive because more sizes and specifics are available besides that also features that are applied from tire Assurance.

Goodyear Integrity vs Assurance

Goodyear IntegrityGoodyear Assurance
- Quieter journey and longer tread life - 195/70R14, Speed Index 118 mph, Max Load 1356 lbs, Tire Weight 14 lbs
- Accessibility is backed by adequate information - Season: All Season
- The price offered is cheaper. - Type: Performance


Both tires produced by Goodyear have their respective strengths. But when looked from the features applied to tires and technological innovations, it can be said that Assurance has more positive score compared to its competitors, Integrity and also when looked from several reviews both on the official website and online retailers that Assurance gets more reviews and gets relatively good score compared to Integrity. Regarding the price, Integrity is indeed cheaper, but Assurance is more in terms of the size available and also the features applied on the tires.