Goodyear Wrangler vs Pirelli Scorpion

As one of the most important part that will affect our vehicle’s performance on various conditions, choosing the best tire is necessary, moreover, if you are driving both on and off the road. For this purpose, we can use an all-terrain like Goodyear Wrangler vs Pirelli Scorpion. Both of them are loved and have a great reviews from their users yet are also different. Go check our article below to see which tire can be the better option or suit the kind of application you need.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why using All-Terrain
– What are Goodyear Wrangler and Pirelli Scorpion
– How are the Tread Pattern of Goodyear Wrangler and Pirelli Scorpion
– How Good Goodyear Wrangler and Pirelli Scorpion can Perform
– Goodyear Wrangler vs Pirelli Scorpion


Changing tire is probably not the best part of owning a vehicle since the process will require us to pick which next tire we want to install to improve what we already have from our previous tire set. This may not a problem for those who often spend their time driving on smooth city road for most all-season tires can do the work or we can just as a professional at stores to pick them for us and wait until the changing process finish.

Asking a professional help may be the best option if we don’t want to do the work but it is never hurt to learn something about the set that are going to last for thousands of miles in our wheels, moreover, if you need a specific tire that can increase your vehicle’s capability in facing many types of surface and conditions. This mostly applied to those who drive SUV, small trucks or any 4×4 vehicles since the owner will most likely to run on some off-road as well.

As you may already know, the best tire is those made to give the proper performance for the kind of application we are running at but in real life choosing them is not as easy as it may seem. For people who runs on and off the road, the most popular type of tire we often see other people also use is obviously an all-terrain because this type of tire is designed and made to deliver dependable traction even when you are facing muddy and rough uneven road.

In general, all-terrain tires are created to deliver a balance or equal capability in both on and off road with a tread design of interlocking multi-faceted tread blocks. This what makes them unique to the all-season and on road only tires for we can still have traction on gravel, dirt as well as some mild mud without scarifying the smooth ride and quiet road sound we want to have when running on the highway or when driving in your city to office and picking up your children.

Due to the huge option available in the market, it is not surprising to find ourselves confused in the middle of those collection from different manufacturer with their own different models. However, we do recommend you to see what other people have experienced with a set before purchasing them to make sure they are going to deliver the kind of performance you need in your specific application or look from your favorite brand since they may have what you are looking for.

About Goodyear Wrangler

Among those many option of all-terrain tire available, if you already read some recommendations, we are sure you will also see Goodyear Wrangler there since this tire is very popular with their dependable performance in different surfaces and conditions many people who love off-roading often meet. This is actually a line of tire from the brand that consists with several another tire models inside, mainly all-terrain but the one we are going to talk and see here is one of the most popular Duratrac tire.

This tire is very suitable for those who drive both on and off the road or own a light truck or SUV, vans and other sport utility vehicles. They are not only great on the look but also proven to deliver what you need from a tire like this even when you are under snowing weather with some snow piled up in your road or going into the wild for some mud adventure without much concern. Read also: Goodyear Wrangler vs Cooper Discoverer here.

Goodyear Wrangler Tread Pattern

Let’s see the tread pattern first since this part will play a huge role on how the tire will performs later and as you can see from the sample picture above, Goodyear Wrangler is made with a rugged tread compound which will be useful to help the tire resist tread block chipping, tearing and chunking when you run them on the wild facing with rocks and uneven surface, moreover, if you will be carrying a heavy load as well or for towing application.

This tire is featured with a symmetric tread design that combines large shoulders and highly angled center tread blocks to give them their stability and traction when driven on dry or wet conditions. Near the sidewall, here we can see the self-cleaning, stepped blocks with zigzag sipes which is called Goodyear’s TractiveGroove Technology located at the base of the circumferential grooves to provide thousands of biting edges and improve its performance when we are dealing with either mud or snow.

Goodyear Wrangler Performance

Now on the real performance, those tread pattern is not lying or just for decorative since this tire is indeed amazing in various journeys. When taken off-road, they can handle the conditions well and give a good confidence to the driver. When running on some sand, they do their job by getting rid of the sand and providing a nice traction on the surface and the similar thing happened when tested on some mud as well.

It is all thanks to the big chunk of rubber that dig and provide a grip to allow our vehicle to roll confidently. When running on smooth pavement, we are also amazed by how smooth and quiet Goodyear Wrangler can be even with those mildly aggressive tread pattern, they made almost no noise even when added with some speed.

About Pirelli Scorpion

Before making any decision, it is good to look around first and compare some items to make sure we are already picking the one suit our application the most including when looking for tire because there are so many other great options out there. If you want a dependable performance on various conditions or a versatile tire that can be your companion to your work and your play then, you may want to check Pirelli Scorpion. The tire have several model as well but here we are picking the ATR version.

As you may already know Pirelli Scorpion especially this ATR tire is designed or developed to be used on light trucks or pickup truck and those with an off-road capabilities since the tire is supposed to show its true capabilities when ran on those conditions. This all-terrain tire is initially the original equipment of various vehicles such as Ford F-150 FX4, Lariat and King Ranch models along with Lincoln Mark LT.

Pirelli Scorpion Tread Pattern

The first thing catching our attention when seeing Pirelli Scorpion is their tread pattern which look rather beautiful than aggressive like an all-terrain but they do have something special here and not just for the look. This tire is said to features a silica-enhanced tread compound which is molded into a quiet-running, symmetric tread pattern. Those virtual continuous rib in the middle combined with a stable, large shoulder tread blocks will provide the driver that predictable response.

In addition, those independent, interlocked tread blocks in the center part will promote acoustic comfort, even on-road wear as well as off-road traction. Another important part is the sweeping central circumferential grooves and lateral shoulder grooves to channel water and resisting hydroplaning as well as enhancing the tire performance on wet traction. For those who want to ride in snow, Pirelli Scorpion also have independent tread blocks that are siped to provide extra biting edges even when running on cold, loose surfaces like snow.

Pirelli Scorpion Performance

When tested, we can see that what has been written about the tread and promises are indeed true since this tire works amazing in various surfaces including the main concern when taken to off-roading. It showed to give confidence on either gravel, rocks with some mud and some sand as well with no problem surfacing but what we love the most is how easy to drive this thing that somehow make us feel like the steering is even more predictable thanks to those pattern.

Another great performance also shown when we use it to tackle a several inches deep snow even under a light storm outside. When tested on road, this tire also work just as expected with a smooth feeling and just as comfortable similar to many all-season with a very low noise level that can go unnoticed easily.


Now, let’s compare Goodyear Wrangler with Pirelli Scorpion. Both of them are proven to be a capable tire that are worthy as an all-terrain since they can perform just as good both on and off the road without scarifying the comfort and noise when taken to city road, thus in capability both of them are on the same level while the pattern and design are clearly different from each other.

Goodyear Wrangler vs Pirelli Scorpion

Goodyear Wrangler Pirelli Scorpion
- More aggressive tread pattern - Less aggressive tread pattern
- More size options- Less size options
- More affordable - More expensive


All in all, the decision is all yours to make since they can offer the same capabilities and performance but we may have different taste and preference. They are great to anyone who often drive both on and off road, who want to get the most from both conditions or just want to upgrade their truck’s look. But, if you want to spend less, Goodyear Wrangler is offered at a slightly cheaper price than Pirelli.