Goodyear Integrity vs Viva 2

Except for enthusiast who are looking forward to try how their vehicle’s feels with a new set of tire, most of regular driver find changing tire as a hassle and not a fun thing to do. If you don’t want to change them often each season, it is better to mount an all-season instead like Goodyear Integrity vs Viva 2. Both of them are a very similar to each other but may work differently so check our article here to decide which to pick from both models.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why Choosing an All-Season
– What are Goodyear Integrity and Viva 2
– How are the Tread Pattern on Goodyear Integrity and Viva 2
– What Goodyear Integrity and Viva 2 can offer to you
– Goodyear Integrity vs Viva 2

All-Season Tire

This is probably the time for you to finally change your original equipment tire from when the car out from its manufacturer. It is such a hassle and for most of us, we may just leave it at the hand of a professional and just go with whatever seem better suit our vehicle since looking for a new tire is not as easy as it may seem. However, if you want to learn a bit, they may be helpful in the future when you need to change them again.

Just like everything else, tire is chosen based on what you are driving and what condition they used to roll on since each condition will benefit from different tires and of course we don’t want to use a sedan tire for our trucks and vice versa. After deciding size which we can see on our previous tire sidewall for more information, now is the time to look for the type of tire you want to use or match the kind of surface or condition they are in.

When winter comes, it is the time to mount your car with a winter tire or at least use an all-terrain for those with SUV or light trucks to provide the proper traction and grip under wet and slippery condition but what if you are living where the winter is mild and won’t affect your city road that much. If you are living in such environment, our recommendation is to pick an all-season tire because this tire mainly can handle different seasons.

When paired with an all-season, almost all vehicles that are driven in mild manner can get a bunch of benefit such as increased in dry grip as well as faster steering response in summer like a performance tire. At the other hand, we can’t depend on them when there is a high pile of snow on the road or for freezing wet terrain since we won’t get the traction needed, but beside that, all-season is a versatile tire for car driven mostly on road or where the winter is friendlier.

Another benefit of using an all-season is their longer tread wear since almost all tire from this type are designed to last longer, some can even last 2 or 3 times longer than other tires. As mainly a city tire, comfort is another benefit of all-season which is known for their smooth and softer ride as well as less road noise when rolling on highway, making them ideal for such application. The last is they are more affordable than other types of tire.

About Goodyear Integrity and Viva 2

With the numerous options available, it is also not surprising that we can get confused when faced with the possible tire model fitting our vehicle’s size and this is where we have to use our knowledge and preference since picking one among them can be tricky. Among those many options available in the market, if you want to quicken the selecting process, it is good to start from a familiar brand or the one you prefer or used before since we already know their quality.

Goodyear is a good option to look at not only because they are trusted with their quality and has been used by so many people for a long time, they are also offering a wide range or tires for their customers and what we love is they seem to always have the kind of tire matching your need and budget to spend. This brand offer tires from those used by regular drivers until those needed by people with heavyweight vehicles. Read also: Goodyear Integrity vs Fortera here.

If you are driving a sedan or a hatchback and don’t want to replace the tire as season changes then, you may want to check two good all-season tires from this brand, Goodyear Integrity and Viva 2. Both of them are very similar to each other by being available in the same category of all-season but bound by different model, their performance may differ as well depend on the quality and features or capabilities of each models that may affect your decision later.
Goodyear Integrity and Viva 2 Tread and Feature

Let’s take a look at Goodyear Integrity and Viva 2 from the outside first, as you can see from the sample picture above, both models do come with a similar pattern which is symmetrical in design but there is a little difference on the center part since the first model is featured with a continuous center rib while the Viva 2 model is not. Translating them into how they should perform, those with less gaps will made less noise than those with wider distance between lugs.

In addition, a continuous rib like in Integrity also provide more constant rubber-to-road contact which will increase the dry traction in summer compared to the other that can provide more grip in case you are running on an uneven pavement or a road with some snow. Another difference is on their shoulder since we can see that Integrity have independent shoulder blocks, circumferential grooves and siped intermediate tread blocks to increase the tire traction even under foul weather.

Goodyear Viva 2 also have these features but the distance between lugs are wider, resulting in the tire having less sipes. However, this large lugs are useful to give more bite in case you are driving under not so friendly condition where you will need a better grip on the surface like in slippery road. Another difference based on the design only that we want to talk here is the steel belt featured in Integrity tires.

We can’t see them yet they are present inside the tire and this steel belt is just like the name, made from steel and are used to reinforce the area right under the tread pattern. What these belts do is to provide puncture resistance and supporting the tire to stay flat, thus they can make the best contact with the surface or road.

Goodyear Integrity and Viva 2 Performance

After checking their features or how they should perform due to those long explanation about the tread and tire build, it is time to finally see how they are going to work when mounted on our vehicle since good features not always mean the tire can deliver similarly great performance either and before we said further, do keep in mind that both of them are not an impressive all-season that will last long in your journey.

When tested on dry road, both of Goodyear Integrity and Viva 2 are shown to working well, they are able to deliver a proper traction and fairly comfortable to ride. What we want to highlight here is they are low rolling resistance tire which is good to add some fuel efficiency. But things will change when they are used on slippery wet road because somehow the tire are not capable of providing a dependable grip into the road and made driver have to work harder.

The same performance is also experienced during winter with some snow piling on the road and since they make the road slippery as well, both of them are not suitable for winter application for somehow the traction is very poor. Some users also report that they can’t use the tire anymore due to this problem and have to change their set, even can’t spend more than a month especially with Viva 2.

However, on the comfort side both of Goodyear Integrity and Viva 2 are fairly good and feels like many other all-season out there that we can drive smoothly with less noise to notice, in fact they are very quiet when driven on highway even when the driver sped up a little bit. Another issue with these tires is the tread wear since they do wear quickly which is also experienced by many other users but in this side Goodyear provide 50K limited tread warranty for Integrity and 60K for Viva 2.


Now, let’s compare Integrity with Viva 2. In term of performance, both of them are very similar with each other and we don’t think there is a huge gap between how they provide a grip and traction but Integrity seem to work a bit better and they are also have higher load compared to Viva 2, moreover, they have steel belts for enhanced toughness. On tread wear however, Viva 2 show a better resistance than Integrity combined with a longer tread wear warranty.

Goodyear Integrity vs Viva 2

Goodyear IntegrityGoodyear Viva 2
- Perform slightly better - Perform less
- Steel belted- Not steel belted
- Higher load - Lower load
- More expensive- More affordable
- Wear faster- Wear longer


All in all, the decision is all yours to make because both of these affordable tires can only serve a basic performance with not so dependable result mainly on wet traction. However, if we are to choose, we will pick Integrity since this model seem to offer a bit better grip with a higher load with still similarly affordable price range.