Goodyear Integrity vs Fortera

Among the most basic options of tire, we can have winter, summer and all season tire option, thus if you live in a place with 4 seasons, changing them with the most suitable type is a good decision. However, they require an energy and time to do, thus all season is preferred by many people. Goodyear as one of the most popular tire brand have a huge collection such as Goodyear Integrity vs Fortera. If you are considering them both, go check how they differ below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why Choosing an All-Terrain
– What are Goodyear Integrity and Fortera
– What sizes available in Goodyear Integrity and Fortera
– How are the Design of Goodyear Integrity and Fortera
– How are the Performance of Goodyear Integrity and Fortera
– What are the Disadvantage of Goodyear Integrity and Fortera
– Goodyear Integrity vs Fortera

All Season Tire

While tire is one of the most important part in our vehicle that we have to maintain its pressure and check the quality if it is already the time to change them; changing tire is a tedious task. For most of us, we can go to a professional establishment and just ask them to put any good recommendation that fit our vehicle and need the most. However, there are users who loved to do them manually and to properly choose the correct tire for your vehicle will need more time and energy.

It is good if you already have experience before or use the same type of tire with the one you want to change but problem may arise if you want to use different equipment than what has been mounted in your vehicle the time they leave their factory. If you want to change the tire, we have to read and understand a lot of related information starting from finding the right size to look for the kind of tire you want. Read also: Goodyear Wrangler vs BF Goodrich here.

If you already decide you tires’ size, the next step is deciding what type of tire you need because there are several type of tires available for each use and purpose. If you drive in a city and doesn’t really go off-road, the basic type will be summer, winter and all season tire. Each tire type are made or designed to deliver the proper performance needed by each condition, thus it is best to change them when needed or when the season change.

Just like the name, summer tire is for dry weather and winter tire is for slippery condition to provide the best traction while all season is meant to work in both conditions. This type of tire is the best option for those who doesn’t want to deal with the hassle of changing tire every several months but still want to have a good performance no matter what season currently happening. Due to their versatility, many manufacturers use this tire in their vehicle when out from the facility.

About Goodyear Integrity and Fortera

Due to the many options available in the market, it is understandable that sometime we can get confused about which to choose and end up with various options we may took interest in. Among those many options available, we are sure most users already familiar with Goodyear because they are one of the most popular tire brand in the market or even used one before, coming along with your vehicle since they also provide original equipment with some tire models in the catalogue.

Additionally, there are a huge option to choose here so we can take our time and look for the one match our need better. However, if the one you need is an all season tire, you may want to check on Goodyear Integrity  and Fortera. These two are popular all season tire from the brand which can be used to deal with various city condition and weather with their specific design. Integrity is only available in one model but Fortera has two options; HL and SL.

Just like the name, HL version is the one we used for regular driving activity while the SL version is used if for those who want a sport performance on an all-season or those who want to mount a tire with large diameter on their vehicle. Additionally, the HL version of Fortera and Integrity tire is also used by a number of pickups, crossovers and SUV as an original equipment.

Goodyear Integrity and Fortera Design

On their material side, both of Goodyear Integrity and Fortera are an all-season tire that mold the specific design of tread rubber compound into a symmetric tread design which will benefit the tire on their comfort part later. As for Integrity, this model combine those tread design with continuous center rib to provide a constant rubber-to-road contact while increasing its performance as well as noise reduction. On the other side, Fortera is coming with highly buttressed tread blocks as you can see on the sample picture above.

This design combined with the symmetric design mentioned earlier are meant to increase the tire when handling dry road. For the all-season capabilities, Integrity tire is featured with independent shoulder blocks circumferential grooves and siped intermediate tread blocks while the Fortera HL version is rather similar with staggered circumferential channels, curvilinear grooves and strategically placed sipes to give the tire it’s biting edge to deliver a better all-season traction. Additionally, on the inside Integrity structure include twin, high-tensile steel belts located on top of the polyester cord body to improve reliability and ride.

As for Fortera tire, this tire internal structure is designed with computer to optimized the shape and reduce its footprint sensitivity against load while also balancing the performance properties when used with light to full loaded vehicles as long as they are properly inflated and within the vehicle’s approved weight limits. In addition, similar like Integrity tire, they are also featured with twin steel belts and a polyester cord body to help enhancing the predictable handling and ride comfort.

Goodyear Integrity and Fortera Sizes

A good tire will not be able to be used in our vehicle if we can’t find the right size for our need. In this side, Integrity is available in more size option than Fortera because they are offered in 6 sizes while the other model is only available in 4 sizes. The price for each one of them will differ based on the size you pick but generally, Fortera will be the more expensive option. In addition, this tire is also available starting from a wider width and have higher upper width as well on the option compared to Integrity tire.

Goodyear Integrity and Fortera Performance

While their specification is rather similar, their performance on the road seems not to because Goodyear Integrity and Fortera are proven to deliver a different performance. First is on dry and wet traction because as an all-season, these tires should deliver a constant and good feeling when driven through various condition but when mounted and tried, Fortera is shown to have a better capabilities in handling those conditions even including braking speed in wet road. At the other hand, the Integrity tire is not performing as good.

Even though the tire is not necessarily bad or below our expectation, they are still less compared to the other model. On the control part, the Fortera model is also showing a good performance because this tire allow us to steer the vehicle easily and somehow improve the response a little bit if compared to the other model. Additionally, on comfort both of them seem to be offering the same feeling since they are equally comfortable to ride with a nice feeling and low noise even when we speed up a bit.

Tire is something we have to change from time to time and we always hope to get a long lasting tire that can have longer tread wear. While each person may have different experience and driving habit as well as conditions, a durable tread life is still adored by drivers. To make sure we can get most from these tires, Goodyear provide 50000 miles tread life limited warranty and 60000 miles tread life warranty for Integrity and Fortera tire respectively.

Goodyear Integrity and Fortera Disadvantage

With those benefits and good side coming from Goodyear Integrity and Fortera, it doesn’t mean that they have no minus or disadvantage that may affect your decision. The most concerning part of these two is their tread life because they can worn out quite fast and for Fortera, while the tire is boasting the low noise they produce, when the tire is began to lose the tread, the noise is also increasing, making driving with the set is not as comfortable as when they were first mounted.

Another disadvantage is their performance under snowy condition or when the road have some snow piled up since when in such condition, both of these tires are not going to be as helpful as if you are putting dedicated winter tire or an all-terrain.


Now, let’s compare Goodyear Integrity with Fortera. As you may already know, both of them are coming with a similar specification but in performance, Fortera is winning with better traction and steering in various condition while for the winter action itself, they are not very dependable. Another difference is on the tread life because even though their tread life need to be improved, Fortera is showing a little bit more resistant against tread wear compared to Integrity.

Goodyear Integrity vs Fortera

Goodyear IntegrityGoodyear Fortera
- More affordable- More expensive - Lesser size option - Better performance - Longer tread life warranty
- More size options- Less aggressive tread design
- Ok performance- Thicker sidewall
- Shorter tread life warranty- Less expensive


All in all, both of them can be a good option if you are looking for an all-season tire. However, we may have different taste and requirement, in our opinion, Goodyear Fortera will be the better option because they are showing a better performance than Integrity but if you want to save more, the other model is available in a more affordable price point.