Dunlop D404 vs K555

Purchasing a product online can save us some time and money compared to buy them at our nearest store but it will also need a better understanding on what we need, just like when choosing tire for our motorcycle. After we know what we need, favorite brands come to surface which we need to choose wisely as well. Dunlop as one of the most affordable, quality brand have many options for you like with Dunlop D404 vs K555. Go check them below to see which the better option is.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– How to choose Motorcycle Tire
– What are Dunlop D404 and K555
– Why Choosing Dunlop D404 and K555
– How are the performance of Dunlop D404 and K555
– Dunlop D404 vs K555

Choosing Motorcycle Tire

We have to admit that choosing a tire is not an easy task because there are not many of user can decide which tire they want to purchase when faced with so many options in the market. The first step will be deciding what those tires are for because we as user may have different need and preference as well as drive or ride a different vehicle which is why it is good to decide them on our personal need than following trend.

After this step, choosing them can get quite confusing since the option is numerous out there and even we already decide to pick for example cruiser tire, when it comes to more specific things such as brand, compound, speed rating and many others, the selecting process can get more complicated. There are also times when choosing tire only lays on our personal taste which is quite common when deciding which one mirroring our favorite item the most. Read also: Goodyear Wrangler vs Firestone Destination here.

If this is your first time replacing a tire, make sure to know the size required by your motorcycle and we can see them in the side of each tire, thus when changing tire, make sure to follow them; some of them are strict measurements while some other are indicating something. Those information are covering the section width which is the width of the tire, aspect ratio which is the height of the tire, rim diameter, load rating, and speed rating.

While not all motorcycle use a different tire size for their rear and front axle, it is important to check if your vehicle is coming with different tires sizes or not to avoid purchasing the wrong size because some manufacturers equipped their products with different tires. Additionally, while some people think it is fine to use the same tire for the front and back, tires with specification as rear and front should be used as recommended because it will affect their performance mainly on their handling.

Due to the huge options available in the market, even after deciding the specification of our motorcycle’s tire, things still can get very confusing. However, if you want to eliminate those numbers and narrow down the options, it is good to search based on your favorite brand since a well-known manufacturer will most likely to also offer a dependable product made with good quality material to keep their performance. While some amazing products are also amazingly expensive, there are still some good options in an affordable price.

About Dunlop D404 and K555

One brand you need to check if you want to put more value into your money or just don’t want to spend much on expensive tire, Dunlop can be a good option to go. We are sure most people already familiar with the name or even used one of their tire before and know their quality. Depend on the model, their performance may differ to each other and with those wide collection, we can just pick the one that matching our preference and taste without the need to spend much.

If you commonly ride in road for everyday use or is owning a cruiser then, you may want to take a look at Dunlop D404 and K555. Both of them are very similar to each other since they are used for the same type of bike. While we can use D404 in various standard, cruiser and some vintage model bikes, the K555 is often found in cruisers because this model is an OE tires that are used in many Honda, Suzuki, and Yamaha cruisers.

Dunlop D404 Benefit

Let’s start with the Dunlop D404 model first because while both of them are similar to each other, this certain model is somehow more favored by many of its users compared to the other model. This tire is a great option for those with less to spend since they are very affordable and being an all season, they can fit many motorcycle models and can work great on various condition as well as weather that can be a challenge for some tire.

This model have two more brother which is the D401 and D402 which will be the correct option if you are riding a Harley Davidson because this specific model carcass and load rating are not heavy enough to take the bike weight. While some people does mount this model into their HD, they are not made for the type but when put on a regular cruiser or suitable bike, they can be used to take us from 8k to 11k miles.

Dunlop D404 Performance

Dunlop D404 is a single compound tire and they are coming with the similar pattern as the two brother we have mentioned above which can be quite confusing sometime when comparing the series. When looking at the unit, we will notice that it used an offset groove pattern which is why we heard so many people who use this set saying that the traction given by the tire is good. Overall, they can give us a pretty stable feeling when rode at different speed.

Additionally, there is the siping or grooving technologies that will increase the performance and grip at various condition. While its load rating is not superior like its brothers, this model Bias-ply construction is still designed to deliver and excellent load carrying capacity together with a smooth ride which is important to promote maximum comfort.

Dunlop K555 Benefit

At the other hand, when Dunlop releasing the K555 model, they seems to be intended or marketed for those people who wish to use the same tire as what their motorcycle was equipped when coming from the manufacturer because this specific model is mainly design to handle the horsepower and handling characteristics of Honda Magna and VTX 1300/1800, Shadow and ACE, PC800, Kawasaki ZL600, Yamaha V-Star 1100 Custom models and Suzuki Intruder. This is also making the size availability of the model is lesser than D404.

The best benefit of this tire is because they are the replacement of original equipment which allow users who are already worn out their previous tires to find the perfect match for their bike. For example, some users who use F24 from Dunlop as their front found that this tire can match their front tire perfectly. Additionally, some people with older bike like 1999/1997 Magna with hard to find size can also use this model.

However, unlike many other tire like D404, K555 is only available in rear tire while also available starting from a wider width and slightly higher maximum load. In the price side, they are not the most affordable or as affordable as D404 but they still can’t be said expensive for we can find many other popular tire with a price higher than this model. According to the people who already installed it in their bike, this tire seems to be working well.

Dunlop K555 Performance

Of course there are mixed opinion about K555 tire which shows that not all people are satisfied with their tire option but there are many users who also satisfied with their option as well. This tire seems to even improve some owner’s previous tires as long as the size match. When tested, they are providing a super grip while also comfortable or stable when turning. In different weather like raining and wet condition, this tire is showing no problem at traction and comfort with the same confident like in dry condition.

Overall, they are providing a good traction and easy to balance as well as comfortable enough to ride, no more and less. While K555 performance are generally good, this tire is still not perfect because some people find that they are too quick to wear its tread. Depend on where we used to ride and our riding habit, tire can worn out quickly so in our opinion, its material or compound should be able to be updated to be better.


Now, let’s compare Dunlop D404 with K555. As you may already know, at this point, the difference between both tires are very little and while they are equally working fine. In term of durability, comparing them both will result in K555 as the winner since while they can be upgraded to be more long lasting, D404 shown to wear faster. However, in performance they are very similar and generally can offer a good riding experience.

Dunlop D404 vs K555

Dunlop D404 Dunlop K555
Expanded size range fits a wide variety of older bikes and cruisers.Dunlop O.E. motorcycle tire on Honda Magna and VTX1300/1800, Shadow and ACE, PC800, Kawasaki ZL600, Suzuki Intruder and Yamaha XVS950 V-Star.
Tread compound delivers excellent balance of mileage and grip. The Dunlop D404 is not recommended for use on Harley-Davidson motorcycles.Offset center groove offers excellent straight-line stability.
Front and rear tread patterns designed for outstanding water evacuation and wet grip.Bias-ply construction designed to deliver excellent load-carrying capacity as well as a smooth ride for maximum comfort.


All in all, the decision is all yours to make because both of them can be a good option to change your worn out tire. However, if you don’t have very limited budget to spend or find the size in K555 variant, we will highly recommend you this model since it seems that many users are more satisfied with this model compared to D404.

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